Developing Players For The Next Level Of The Beautiful Game

NESA FC Academy is the most comprehensive soccer development program for ages 5-12 in the country structured to facilitate advancement of our students to the next level of play
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Learn with NESA FC Task 3 (Bait & Switch moves)

Learn with NESA FC Task 3 (Bait & Switch moves)

You are going to be the best if every day you devote 15-20 mins to your homework. Do 100 Bait & Switch moves (50 moves on each side) per day and you'll feel the reward during the game


NESA FC Academy is a leading “FEEDER” program for premier soccer clubs in New England, United States Soccer Federation Academy Program, and Olympic Development Program. The core principles of our program are based on youth development philosophies of the finest European soccer clubs, with a mix of South America’s technical development and Eastern European cross training approach.


Proven Track Record of getting the players to the next level. 100+ players at the college level, 40+ in MA Olympic Development Program, and 7 players in N.E. Revolution Academy
“Challenging Fun” – unique training methodology providing players with challenging environment while they are having fun
Video Progress Reports – video segments of player’s training with voiceover narrative by the coach sent to parents and players bi-monthly. Service will be launched in November.
Cross-Training– Gymnastics, Parkour, Basketball, Swimming, Judo, Tennis and Yoga are incorporated in the curriculum for players’ comprehensive development
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NESA FC Academy
This is program by invitation only. This is most comprehensive soccer development program and in the country. Therefore, it is not program for everyone. Members of NESA FC Academy will become some of the most sought after players in New England.
Development Soccer Program
This program is designed for kids who love the game, want to improve their technical skills and have great deal of fun doing so. Many of the younger players start with our development program before being invited to NESA FC Academy program.
Little Kickers
This program is design to introduce toddlers to the game of soccer. All activities are structured as FUN games with the ball. Parents take active participation in each class. Academic program is included in this program and free play with parents at the end. It is a 1.5 hours full of fun, exploration and excitement!
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Playing one on one is a foundation of the game. NESA FC Academy staff creates 100s of situations directly related to the game and allows kids to learn by doing it.
Solving challenges is part of a team experience. We want our players to be independent thinkers. NESA FC Academy staff encourages communication amongst the players without involvement of coaches.
Some of our players are lucky enough to play on a bigger stage. After years of training and dedication, Alex Shterenberg is in Italy with Region I battling it out with some of European Teams.
Tori on a tear. Beating defendant with a total focus on the ball. All the years of 1 vs 1 are paying off.
Changing direction is key in a soccer game and life. We must be able to quickly adapt to ever changing environment.
NESA FC Academy is not focused on wining tournaments, leagues or a single game. We view competition as part of training. Competitive situations are always presented to players in training.
We start young. We build foundation. We do the right things for the players week in and week out. We target results 4-6 years from now. We make training a fun and challenging experience.
Look at the intensity of the moment. Look at the focus of both players. The game teaches a lot of things in addition to soccer skills - discipline, focus, determination, sportsmanship, leadership, competitiveness and camaraderie.
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I love the focus on development and getting my child to next level unlike majority of programs that focus on winning at this age. In my experience, NESA FC provides best opportunity for my son. I recommended the program to over dozen people.
- Caroline Z.
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